How to discount with Netflix shared plan (with discount code)

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Netflix plans are used by more than one person per account, so you can use them at a discounted price when several people use them. But if you use it alone, you spend too much money, and now that inflation is rising, the price burden is too high.

So I’ll tell you how to get a discount through the Netflix sharing plan. It is available at a discounted price of about 60%.

1. Netflix Price Discount vs Standard Price

a standard
a discounted
1 month$19.99$3.87
3 month$59.97$10.77
6 month$119.94$21.37
12 month$239.88$40.77

Prices vary by country. This means that in some countries, it can be cheaper than $19.99 per month, so please check your national plan and sign up.

2. Netflix Price – How Can I Discount?

Netflix allows up to four family members to use it at the same time. The method using this is in the form of a Neckflix sharing plan.

Netflix Price - How Can I Discount?

If you use the basic plan, one person can use it, but it is quite inconvenient to see it as a resolution video with low efficiency compared to the price. However, if Netflix accounts are shared, Netflix can watch UHD resolution videos at low prices, which has long been used.

Netflix is trying to block these services recently as the number of shared users is increasing, but it is still being used, so it is also a way to use them at a low price.

3. How to discount Netflix prices

  1. Make sure there’s someone you can use with
  2. If not, visit Share Site (see below)
  3. Select NETFLIX (Netflix Premium)
  4. Select the number of devices used concurrently with the purchase period
  5. Sign up after receiving a promo code (5% off) coupon
  6. Log in to Netflix after receiving your account and password

You can check the application website below.

(Netflix Premium Discount)

1) Check if anyone can use it together

As I explained earlier, if you can use it with family members, relatives, or friends, you can collect as many people as you can and buy it at a discounted price.

2) If not, visit Share Site

If not, visit Share Site

If you don’t have a member to share, you can use a shared ID. Although the login method differs by country, most of them are comfortable because they support Google login.

3) Select NETFLIX (Netflix Premium)

Most of them are available if you can create multiple profiles (three to four simultaneous users) on one account, including Netflix, YouTube, and Disney Plus.

Select NETFLIX (Netflix Premium)

The shared ID is about $3.8 (before discount) per user, and you can also see the premium UHD resolution video, which is very valuable for the price.

(Netflix Premium Discount)

4) Select the number of devices used concurrently with the purchase period

The purchase period can be selected from 1 to 12 months, and the price is discounted as the subscription period increases.

Select the number of devices used concurrently with the purchase period

You can choose one and five access profiles, and if you apply a 5% discount code, you can use it at about 20% lower prices in the U.S.

5) Sign up after receiving a promo code (5% off) coupon

You can enter the promotion code at the bottom. There are 3 known codes below, and if the code below does not work, you can receive it through the discount code receiving site

(Netflix Premium Discount Code)

Discount code : AJ6DW, JQ2QG, DICAG

Sign up after receiving a promo code (5% off) coupon

Payment methods apply differently in different countries. There are countries where Kakao Pay and account transfer are possible, and there are countries where only PayPal and credit cards are available.

doing economics

However, you can use PayPal in most countries, so try to use PayPal. (Paypal may incur a fee during the exchange process, but the price is lower even if a fee is incurred.)

6) Log in to Netflix after receiving your account and password

Once the payment is complete, you will be given an access account and another user profile and password using the account. It seems that you cannot change the account, but you can change the password.

You can log in using the given account and password.

4. Netflix Plans and Pricing 2022

PricingPriceNumber of concurrent usersNumber of offline storage devicesHD picture qualityUHD picture quality

Basic, Standard and Premium plans are available between $9.99 and &19.99. For UHD resolution and up to 4 simultaneous users, you must choose the best option, Premium.

If you use it alone, the cost is too much.

Usually, there are people who use premium and N/1 with 3 or 4 friends, but there is a discount method for those who don’t, so you can use it.

(Netflix Premium Discount)