Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight reply ep1 ep2 ep3 ep4 ep5 ep6 ep7 ep8 netflix review korean drama

Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight reply ep1 ep2 ep3 ep4 ep5 ep6 ep7 ep8 netflix review korean drama

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It covers Extraordinary Atteny Wooep1 ep2 ep3 ep4 ep5 ep6 ep7 ep8 highlight reply. We’ve included some reviews, and we’ll even tell you how to watch Netflix at a price lower than 50%.

  • You can watch unreleased special and highlight videos.
  • If I share a lot of my posts and become popular, I’ll do a detailed review of each episode.
  • There are 3 to 9 highlights.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo An unreleased special video

There are two unreleased special videos that have not been broadcast through Korean drama channels ENA and Netflix. It will continue to be added.

The first video is about Woo Young-woo’s gift. The contents released on Netflix said that he threw away the gift he received from Junho, but that wasn’t the case… You can see that he really liked it

Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight reply ep1 ep2 ep3 ep4 ep5 ep6 ep7 ep8 netflix review  korean drama

The second video shows why Taesan, a law firm, and Hanba are rivals. It is a video that shows that the two are competing with each other because they are the same age and have the title of first and second place.

An unreleased special video
✅Replay High Definition Replay
✅Unreleased #1 – The gift from Lee Jun-ho captivates the heart of the hero.
✅Unreleased#2 – watch out for you! Cold Sea vs Taesan Real War begins.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight EP1 (reply)

title : Extraordinary Attorney Woo

On the first day of lawyer Woo Young-woo’s work, I met a fellow at law school who studied with me and a cold but warm boss who will help me. The first incident is a long-time acquaintance’s incident, which depicts the growth of Young-woo in the process of solving the incident.

Replay EP1
✅Replay High Definition Replay

Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight EP2 (reply)

title : The Wedding Dress That Slipped Off

The accident continues. When an embarrassing accident occurred at his daughter’s wedding, the father of the bride, who sued the hotel, weighs where to choose between Mt. Taesan and the Han Sea, which is a universal law.

This incident will interest Woo Young-woo’s name in Taesan, and the bride (daughter), who is involved in the incident, will show an unexpected twist twice.

Replay EP2
✅Replay High Definition Replay

Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight EP3 (reply)

title : This Is Pengsoo

The autism spectrum is not classified into one type. This incident tells the story of the world looking at Woo Young-woo and the autism spectrum.

The tragic incident surrounding the brothers leads a family to face a heartbreaking truth, and Young-woo experiences prejudice against the autism spectrum in the process of solving the case.

In particular, EP3 includes the author’s intention to inform that there may be geniuses like Woo Young-woo in the autism spectrum, but in reality, there are more cases where it is not. In short, it means that I will not beautify it through drama.

Replay the highlight video of EP3
✅Replay High Definition Replay
✅HIGHLIGHT #1 – Woo Young Woo who wants to leave the defense team
✅Highlight #2 – Woo Young Woo excited about the whale story
✅HIGHLIGHT #3 – I’ll go with Pengsoo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight EP4 (reply)

Title : The Strife of the Three Brothers

Youngwoo’s high school friend, the Circle family, had a huge debt.
The circle dad has two older brothers and follows them very well, and he is deceived by those older brothers and asks Young-woo for help.

Replay the highlight video of EP4
✅Replay High Definition Replay
✅HIGHLIGHT #1 – LEE JUN HO found by the circle
✅Highlight #2 – Woo Youngwoo’s lecture on inheritance law!
✅Highlight #3 – Why never go to an aquarium?
✅HIGHLIGHT #4 – I want to be on the same team with the lawyer
✅HIGHLIGHT #5 – Circle x Woo Young Woo
✅Highlight #6 – Junho’s surprise gift for Youngwoo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight EP5 (reply)

Title : Wild Card VS Tactician

Lawyer Chung Myung-seok instructs Woo Young-woo and Kwon Min-woo to solve the case together. The case was a lawsuit against the copyright of an ATM company.
In this process, lawyers are portraying the process of solving the problem and whether the client that first-time lawyers can experience says “truth” or “false.”

It also gives Su-yeon, a fellow law school student, the nickname “Sunshine on a Spring Day.” Korean netizens who watched the process gave Su-yeon the title of “Sub Mom.”

Replay the highlight video of EP5
✅Replay High Definition Replay
✅Highlight #1 – Lee Junho likes Woo Youngwoo. Is that true?
✅Highlight #2 – Youngwoo, the best at finding the wrong picture
✅Highlight #3 – Grammys vs irons vs hand-picking legs to look at hand-picking hands
✅Highlight #4 – I lied to myself.
✅Highlight #5 – Woo Young Woo’s Psychological Case Study
✅HIGHLIGHT #6 – “Spring Day’s Sunshine” Suyeon
✅HIGHLIGHT #7 – It’s not a daughter!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight EP6 (reply)

Title : If Were a Whale…

Lawyer Kang Myung-seok tells Woo Young-woo to calm down Lee Soo-yeon, who is obsessed with defending North Korean defectors.

The two lawyers find various ways to reduce the sentence of their clients who have been sentenced to four years in prison, and in this process, passion alone puts the basics of the register.

However, unexpected variables appear and the results change significantly, and how many years will the case be sentenced is the key to EP6.

Takbukmin Gyeyangsim has one daughter. Woo Young-woo, who saw the scene where he missed his daughter while in prison, recalled his thoughts about his mother and moved on to EP7.

Replay the highlight video of EP6
✅Replay High Definition Replay
✅HIGHLIGHT #1 – JUNHO sharing his feelings to MIN WOO
✅Highlight #2 – Must be suspended…Oh, it’s hot
✅Highlight #3 – Doctor’s Amazing Past
✅Highlight #4 – Your years of experience
✅HIGHLIGHT #5 – Dad, why don’t I have a mom?
✅Highlight #6 – Why Robbery and Injury Defense Is As Hard as Murder Defense
✅Highlight #7 – What is Intensity Injury Method?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight EP7 (reply)

Title : A Tale About Sodeok-dong part1

This time, it is a case dealing with land disputes among the people of Sodeok-dong. The law firm Hanba tried to reject the case because it would be difficult to win, but it decided to proceed with the case after meeting the people (residents) living in Sodeok-dong in person.

The other lawyer is Tae Soo-mi of Taesan, the top law firm. She defends with forward-looking skills, but uses Woo Young-woo’s genius memory to find out the problems.

Lawyer Tae Soo-mi is surprised by Woo Young-woo, and the content continues with EP8.

Replay the highlight video of EP7
✅Replay High Definition Replay
✅Highlight #1 – Youngwoo, get a hold of yourself!
✅HIGHLIGHT #2 – How about meeting Junho?
✅HIGHLIGHT #3 – Don’t be nice to me unless you feel like you won’t last long
✅Highlight #4 – Hero Demanding Right to Frustrate
✅Highlights #5 – Is Underground Road Architecture or Civil Engineering?
✅Highlight #6 – It’s not easy for someone to like me
✅HIGHLIGHT #7 – Sodeok-dong Love Story
✅Highlight #8 – Can I have a look?
✅Highlight #9 – Genius that makes Tae Soo-mi fall in love

Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlight EP8 (reply)

Title : A Tale About Sodeok-dong part2

Tae Soo-mi remembers where she saw Woo Young-woo. Without prejudice, the Autism Spectrum suggests that Young-woo join Taesan, and Woo Young-woo tries to accept Sumi’s suggestion.

However, his unexpected words changed Young-woo’s mind, and since then, he has surprised Tae Soo-mi once more in court.

Tae Soo-mi becomes more interested in Young-woo, but tears come to her eyes when she hears Young-woo’s bombshells.

Replay the highlight video of EP8
✅Replay High Definition Replay
✅Highlight #1 – Taesumi’s offer to scout
✅Highlight #2 – The secret of his birth that Youngwoo didn’t know
✅HIGHLIGHT #3 – I wanted to meet you once
✅Highlight #4 – The round kimbap you ordered!